What You Need To Know About Realtors - Guest Expert Lance Kammes of Re/Max Suburban

Posted by Laine Smith on 10/17/14 9:10 AM

Topics: Home Buying

Lance Kammes is a Realtor with Re/Max Suburban and has been working with us here at Compass since we opened in 1999 to help clients find a great home. 

We asked Lance to be our guest expert this week and answer some key questions about real estate and Realtors that many people often have when applying for a loan.

Q:  What are the most important factors to look for when finding a home?

A: The most important factors when looking for a home are: working with a well-qualified real estate professional that has years of experience, knowing your location, getting fully approved for a mortgage and knowing the market in the selected area.


Q:  On average, how long does it take someone to find the home they’re looking for?

A: The National average is 12 weeks; however, I find most buyers do not physically walk through homes for 12 weeks.  Today’s buyers study the market by reviewing homes on line; they know what they want and where they want to be.  During their research period, they choose 5-6 homes, then find the locations of the homes, then drive by them to make sure these homes fit all their criteria.


Q:  What’s the biggest mistake people make when finding a home?

A: The biggest mistake people make is not being FULLY prepared to make an offer when the find the home they want.  For example:

          * They will not be fully approved for a mortgage

          * They did not think they would find the home so fast

          * They “want to think it over” – and thus lose the home

          * In short, they do not fully understand the process of buying a home and how quickly a                  house they like or want can sell out from under them.


Q:  How do people know what price range to look at?

A: The only way to truly know a price range is by getting fully approved by a lender.  The buyer then knows what their budget is, and if they are comfortable with that amount.


Q:  How do you suggest doing a home search and how can you use today’s technology along with the knowledge of a real estate agent to make home buying easier?

A: Buyers should be hooked up on an automated search through their realtor, with the exact criteria for a home they are looking for.  Some great programs that can be found on www.lancekammes.com are:

                * Home Scouting Report (download mobile app here)

                * Chicagoareahomesnow.com

                * MLS auto-search set up through their realtor

These searches will help buyers completely understand today’s market, what is available on the market, and what homes are listing/selling for.


Q:  What is the one thing everyone needs to know when buying a home?

A: Gather the best team around you, including: an experienced, knowledgeable realtor, lender, attorney and home inspector.

For more information on our guest blogger please go to www.lancekammes.com to learn more.



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