4 Essential Tips for Landscaping a New Construction Home

Posted by Laine Smith on 7/17/16 1:56 PM

You’ve considered and decided every miniscule detail of your new home build from windows and doors down to the number of electrical outlets in each room, but now you have a whole new blank canvas to tackle, your landscaping. Here are some tips for starting out the process.

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9 Ideas for Low-Maintenance and Foolproof Landscaping

Posted by Laine Smith on 6/4/16 10:00 AM

Landscaping. Your curb appeal depends on it, but some homeowners dread the thought of spending countless weeknights and weekends digging, watering and planting. Although there’s really no such thing as zero-maintenance landscaping, we’ve narrowed down some ideas to keep your yard and garden maintenance to a minimum this summer.


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11 Weekend Projects to Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

Posted by Laine Smith on 4/30/16 8:00 AM

Homeowners often focus on improving interior living spaces, but come spring, it’s time to refocus on what you (and your neighbors) see from the curb. Here are some weekend projects to tackle to get your home looking its best.

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8 Home Renovations That Can Decrease Your Home Value

Posted by Laine Smith on 4/23/16 10:00 AM

The ability to personalize your home to meet your personal style and needs is a huge perk of homeownership, but when it comes to home renovations, not all boost home value. Certain home renovations, additions and amenities can devalue your abode.

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9 Lawn Care, Landscaping & Gardening Do's and Don'ts for the First-Time Homeowner

Posted by Laine Smith on 3/20/16 5:31 PM

Owning your first home can be overwhelming as you adjust to the new responsibilities and tasks of homeownership. While you’re busy turning the interior of your house into your own home, don’t neglect the view of from the curb. Here are some beginner’s tips for making wise and budget-friendly choices when it comes to your landscape.

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Homeowner DIY: How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Area

Posted by Laine Smith on 3/13/16 3:54 PM

Many homeowners spend countless hours rearranging and remodeling the interior of their home, but come springtime, transition from indoor to outdoor living. Spending time outdoors doesn't mean having to forfeit the comforts of the indoors. Add value to your yard, patio, porch or another outdoor area of your home by transforming it into a relaxing but functional, open-air living space.

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15 Home Maintenance Tasks to Complete for Spring

Posted by Laine Smith on 2/23/16 3:31 PM

The official first day of spring is less than a month away! Is your home ready? Rediscover the outside world and complete these home maintenance tasks to make sure your home & its major systems run smoothly and efficiently throughout the season.

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Adding Value to Your Home: How to Choose the Right Front Door

Posted by Laine Smith on 1/12/16 2:57 PM

The front door. The focal point of your home’s exterior. Entry doors have a lot to live up to. They have to be tough enough to withstand temperature extremes, precipitation and intruders, as well as boost curb appeal. Entry door replacements are one of the top home improvements for value, recouping anywhere from 82-91% of their cost. Here’s how to determine what kind of front door fits your needs.

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6 Ways to Liven Up Your Home's Curb Appeal This Winter

Posted by Laine Smith on 1/10/16 2:52 PM

As you’re braving the cold, tearing down holiday décor and dreading snow removal, it’s all too common to forget about the appearance of your home’s exterior once the cold front hits. Whether you’re listing your home or simply wanting to add some updates, here’s how to boost your curb appeal once winter sets in.

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Selling Your Home: 6 Ways to Make Your Winter Listing Stand Out

Posted by Laine Smith on 1/7/16 2:06 PM

There are many pros and cons of winter homebuying, but what if you’re on the selling side? A recent Redfin report found that winter-listed homes are 9 percent more likely to sell and sell one week faster than homes listed in the fall, spring or summer. From lighting techniques and home staging to energy efficiency, here’s how to make your winter listing draw in prospective buyers.

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