Out and About with Compass: The Lakefront Trail

Posted by Emma Johnson on 3/23/17 9:30 AM

Lake Michigan, with it’s beautiful water, waves and wildlife, and expansive shoreline is arguably Chicago’s finest asset! It provides our city with many necessities, but also hours of recreation and stunning views. This spring, take a trip down the Lakefront Trail, stretching 18 miles along Lake Michigan’s coast, for a state-of-the-art tour of the city of Chicago.

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Out and About with Compass: Elk Grove Historical Museum

Posted by Emma Johnson on 3/14/17 9:30 AM

Those of us who call Chicago home are well versed in the history of the city. From the Great Chicago Fire and The World’s Fair, to Al Capone’s influence and the growth of industry, we have a wealth of knowledge about our great city! However, we often can’t say the same about the surrounding suburbs! Many cities have their own regional history museums, and today we’re featuring the Elk Grove Historical Museum!

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Out and About with Compass: Maple Syrup Festival

Posted by Emma Johnson on 3/9/17 9:30 AM

Everyone enjoys a tall stack of pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast, but very few of us understand exactly what it takes to get that delicious drizzle from the tree to our plates! It's currently sugaring season, which makes it the perfect time to learn! Head over to the North Park Village Nature Center on March 25th for their FREE Maple Syrup Festival!

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Out and About with Compass: Funtopia

Posted by Emma Johnson on 3/7/17 9:30 AM

In the coming months, the weather is hit and miss. On days when you want to get out of the house but it’s more reminiscent of winter than spring, put a trip to Funtopia, located in Glenview, on your list! It will provide a day of fun and adventure for the kids in your life!

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Out and About with Compass: Chicagoland Escape Rooms

Posted by Emma Johnson on 2/28/17 9:30 AM

There’s a new trend making everything from kids’ birthday parties and date nights, to corporate team events more exciting and suspenseful…an escape room! An escape room is a physical adventure game where you and other participants are locked in a room and use clues and props within the space to solve a puzzle within a set time limit. In order to be successful you need strong time management, teamwork, and persistence! Even if you don’t make it in time, you’ll still have a blast, and you’ll have stories to share during dinner afterwards! Check out any of the escape rooms below, located all over Chicagoland, for an energizing activity that’s out of the ordinary and unique! Gather up a group, and good luck!

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Out and About with Compass: Pottawatomie Park

Posted by Emma Johnson on 2/21/17 9:30 AM

We've been lucky enought to get a break from those harsh winter temperatures that are typically around this time of year.  As you plan for ways to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather begin to brainstorm springtime activities, remember Pottawatomie Park, located in downtown St. Charles!   The park has so much to offer--it’s fun for the entire family!

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Out and About with Compass: Wildwood Nature Center

Posted by Emma Johnson on 2/16/17 9:30 AM

Even though the calendar tells us we're still in the heart of winter, mother nature tells us something different! We've been spoiled with some fantastic weather lately!  If you'd like to take advantage of the mild temperatures before things return to normal, head on over to Wildwood Nature Center, in Park Ridge, for some outdoor fun that you've been craving after being cooped up indoors for so long. 

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Out and About with Compass: DIY Art Studios

Posted by Emma Johnson on 2/14/17 9:30 AM

If you’re still trying to plan a date for Valentine’s Day tonight, we’ve got you covered! There is something special about being creative alongside your date, and when you can combine an imaginative activity with music and wine, it becomes super fun and romantic!

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Out and About with Compass: Discovery Center Museum

Posted by Emma Johnson on 2/9/17 9:30 AM

While we look forward to weekends for the rest and relaxation they bring, kids don’t always feel the same way! They enjoy action and energy, and sometimes that best takes place out of the house in a new and exciting environment. If you’re looking for somewhere new and inspiring for your kids to explore, check out the Discovery Center Children’s Museum in Rockford!

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Out and About with Compass: Little Beans Café

Posted by Emma Johnson on 2/2/17 9:30 AM

As adults, we love starting the day with a warm cup of coffee. It’s even more enjoyable when we can leisurely sip it in the comfort of our favorite cozy coffee shop. Now, it’s possible for you to enjoy that relaxing experience even when your children are in tow! Visit Little Beans Café this winter when you’re needing some relaxation and the kids are seeking fun!

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