Top Home Design Trends for 2016 According to Pinterest

Posted by Laine Smith on 1/23/16 3:12 PM

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What’s the top go-to spot for anyone looking for interior design inspiration? Pinterest. The idea powerhouse pros analyzed the pins of over 100 million users to create their predictions for the top home design trends for 2016.


Scandinavian Design


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Simplicity, minimalism and the use of natural elements have taken the interior design world by storm. Style like a Swede by starting with a white or neutral base, i.e. all colors and windows treatments, and adding in various textures, minimizing clutter, and accenting with a modern pendant light or a statement piece of furniture.

The key to this look is to keep it extremely simple, yet luxe and modern.

Geometric Tiles


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Geometric tiles are great for adding dimension to smaller spaces like bathrooms, but we also predict to see this tile style become popular in statement kitchen backsplashes. Pair it with natural accents, like wood, brushed metal or marble for a sleek look.

Statement Throw Pillows


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If you’re looking for a shorter-term or even seasonal avenue to give your home a makeover, this trend is for you.

Home Organization & Space-Saving Hacks


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As if every homeowner isn’t trying to get more organized! As minimalistic home décor and furnishings become more popular, Pinterest is predicting pinners to be looking for more ways to save space and de-clutter. See our organization and space-saving hacks here.

Neutral Palettes


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Again, simplicity. But neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. Adding soft textures and sophisticated patterns makes a neutral base and furnishings seem extremely grown-up. On the upside, if you’re decorating a smaller home, keeping everything in the same neutral palette makes your spaces appear larger.

Gray Chic


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From deep charcoals to soft pewter, gray is here to stay. Whether you’re looking for dramatic walls or something softer, you really can’t go wrong with the gray approach.

Metallic Wallpaper


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While some interior design experts called for the demise of painted or chalkboard accent walls, metallic wallpaper is on the rise. This gilded wall cover option allow you to dress up a living room, dining room or entryway with the continuing trend of metallic accents.

Woven Wall Art


Image via Pinterest

Pinners are leaving behind the traditional art frames of wall décor. These outside-of-the-box statement pieces add texture and a bit of whimsy.

Artisanal Accents


Images via Pinterest

From baskets and clocks to furniture and lighting options, anything handmade is a big to-do for 2016 home design. Homeowners looking for furnishings and décor made of sustainable materials also find extraordinary artistry and great conversation-starters in these items.

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