Top 10 Kitchen Trends

Posted by Laine Smith on 8/13/15 3:12 PM

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Kitchens are known as the heart of the home, so keeping up with the latest design trends is usually a good investment. If you’re looking to upgrade, here are some of the current trends in kitchen design, according to HGTV.


Bold Light Fixtures


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Accent walls aren't the only way to add drama to your kitchen. A bold light fixture can easily transform your kitchen's style, from modern or industrial to farmhouse chic.

Colorful Sinks


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While colored bathtubs, bathroom sinks, and toilets have been out for quite some time, Kohler has reintroduced colored enamel kitchen sinks. Make your sink pop against neutral cabinetry and countertops or let it be a focal point with a similarly hued backsplash.

Dramatic Color Contrasts


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Many homeowners believe that dark cabinetry will make their kitchen appear smaller. As long as you keep your countertops, backsplash and wall colors neutral, your kitchen won't appear limited in size.

Automated Amenities


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There has been a huge shift in technological advancement from smart phones to smart homes. From Bluetooth-powered appliances and temperature sensors, kitchens of the future are here to stay. But if a Bluetooth-powered pressure cooker is too far out for your needs, start with a smart addition like a hands-free faucet, a great option for children who can't reach the handle or a busy chef with messy hands.

Look-Alike Granite Countertops


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Granite is still the countertop champion, but homeowners who don't have the budget for actual granite are keeping their spending realistic with laminate that looks just like it. Laminate has come a long way in its design aspect, so if mimicking is your preference, look for designs with a larger stone pattern or beveled edges. Wilsonart has some great options.

Farmhouse Sinks


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While they've never necessarily gone out of style, farmhouse or apron-front sinks are gaining in popularity. Not only are they practical, making largescale kitchen clean-ups a breeze, they're a timeless focal point for medium-size or large kitchens.

Multi-Tiered Storage Drawers


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Regardless of kitchen size, there never seems to be enough space for you cooking utensils and kitchen gadgets.  Multi-tiered storage drawers are a hot ticket item for the organized homeowner.

Black and White Palettes


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Sticking with the dramatic contrast trend, black and white kitchens never seem to go out of style but today, they're gaining popularity even more so.

Gray Cabinetry


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As far as cabinetry goes, gray is the new white. While white is still a top choice for cabinetry color, gray is trending close behind. Whether you'll be complementing your cabinets with richly-stained wood accents or a stark white backsplash, gray has the potential to add elegance or a modern appeal to your home.

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