The Best Home Improvements to Complete in the Springtime

Posted by Laine Smith on 3/25/17 8:00 AM

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Spring is officially here! If you’re anxious to head outdoors and tackle your spring cleaning and home maintenance to-do list, here are a few home improvement projects that can give you the best of both worlds (and are best completed in the spring).



With the mild spring air giving you the ability to open some windows for added ventilation, now is a great time to tackle interior paint projects. See our tips for choosing interior paint colors and the do’s and don’ts of interior painting.

Window Cleaning

Whether you choose to hire this job out or DIY, there is nothing like opening the shades to squeaky-clean windows. Bonus: cleaning off all of that dust and grime is easier than you might think. See this blog from One Good Thing for their concoction of household items and no squeegee or drying, window cleaning method.

Adding Insulation

Was your home a little chillier than normal this winter? Have your utility bills been slowly creeping up? Insufficient insulation may be your problem, and there’s no better time to fix it than when it’s top-of-mind.

Did you know that adding fiberglass attic insulation was the top home improvement from the 2017 Cost vs. Value Report? Many homeowners lose “paid” air through their roof. Make sure your level of insulation is sufficient. The recommend level for most attics is to insulate to about 10 to 14 inches, varying based on insulation type, according to Energy Star.

Reviving Your Deck

You’ll likely be heading out to enjoy the warmer weather on your favorite outdoor living space in the near future. If you have a wood deck, you’ll need to do some yearly maintenance – repair, cleaning and/or staining – to extend its lifespan. See our tips on how to revive a worn deck here.

Having Your Air Conditioner Inspected

Just like any other major system in your home, your A/C will need some yearly TLC. Preventative maintenance is essential to avoiding costly repairs, while adding system longevity. Now is a good time to give your HVAC specialist a call to schedule service, especially before they get busy over the summer.

Addressing Your Exterior Lighting

Not only is exterior lighting great for your curb appeal, it’s also a necessity for outdoor living, safety and home security. Houzz suggests when choosing exterior doorway lighting to go big, as fixtures look much smaller from the street.

Making sure your yard and entrances are well lit serves as a burglar deterrent. On the rear of your home, you should consider motion detection lighting for extra security.

Pathway lighting is welcoming and helps guests reach your home’s entrances safely. Lighting defines a space, so use low-volatage systems or LED fixtures to guide your guests to your front door.

Getting Your Carpets Cleaned

While there is no right or wrong season to have your carpets cleaned, many carpet cleaners note that spring is their busiest time of the year – likely because of the spring cleaning overhaul homeowners are in. Take care of the tracked in salt, mucky shoe prints and moisture stains by having yours professionally cleaned or rent a machine and DIY.

Power Washing

Dirt, grime and mold build up can hack away at your curb appeal. Tackle dirty concrete and vinyl siding by using a pressure or power washer. Just make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions on your siding for the pressure amount and nozzle type suggested.

Secluding Your Outdoor Living Area

Despite being cooped up all winter, every homeowner enjoys the quiet respite of his or her deck, backyard, patio, etc. Even if your immaculately landscaped yard is something you want to show off, feeling like you’re on display can put a damper on outdoor living. Whether you decide to plant a privacy hedge or put up a fence or pergola, here is our guide on achieving a private outdoor space to enjoy year-round.

Thinking of taking on some bigger home renovations or home improvements this spring or summer? Download our free Rehab & Construction Guide for ways to combine the cost of your improvements into your mortgage.

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