Speed Spring Cleaning: 6 Important Areas of Your Home That You Should Clean First

Posted by Laine Smith on 4/1/17 8:00 AM

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In a perfect world, we’d all have the time for a whole-home cleaning session. As the weather warms up and you’re shuffling kids back and forth to activities or simply trying to spend some time outdoors, you may find your spring cleaning checklist on the back burner. To help you condense your spring cleaning routine, we’ve compiled a list of the most important tasks to tackle inside your home.


Whole-Home Dusting

According to The Family Handyman, the average six-room house collects up to 40 pounds of dust each year. Gross, right? Stock up on microfiber cloths and get to work. Make sure to clean surfaces from top to bottom so you catch missed dust on your way down.

Another way to reduce whole-home dust production is to change your air filter on your HVAC system regularly.

Upholstery, Carpets, Rugs and Window Treatments

The soft surfaces of your home definitely need some TLC come springtime. Drapes, curtains and valances are ground zero for dust, so remove them, place them on a hard surface and use the upholstery brush on your vacuum to remove built-up dust. If it’s been awhile, it may be time to have them professionally cleaned.

Rugs and carpets also experience their share of wear and tear over the winter months with salt and dirt build-up. Rent a carpet-cleaning machine from your local home improvement store or have them professionally cleaned to prolong their lifespan and get rid of embedded dust and allergens.


Window cleaning isn’t the easiest of tasks, but once it’s done, you’ll enjoy it immensely. According to This Old House, the reason so many homeowners hate this task is because they’re simply pushing dirt around rather than efficiently cleaning their windows. See their window washing tips here.

Miscellaneous Surfaces

The fact that more people become ill in the winter is no old wives tale. Cool temps bring us all indoors which helps us easily spread germs on household surfaces. Spring cleaning is about getting to the parts of your home that you don’t have on your normal cleaning schedule. Think light switches, railings, doorknobs, cabinet pulls, headboards, bed frames, etc.

Up and Down

Remember how we said spring cleaning is about addressing areas of your home that are often neglected? Anything not at eye level usually falls into that category. Baseboards and light fixtures are two of the big ones. Vacuum, dust and sponge clean as needed.

The Refrigerator

From spilled milk to a leaky storage container, your refrigerator harbors bacteria, food residue and dust – inside and out. For an entire cleaning job, it’s a good idea to unplug your refrigerator and move it so you can clean up the grime beneath. To avoid appliance repairs and heightened utility bills, you’ll want to clean your refrigerator coils, which are typically located behind the grill across the bottom of your fridge.

For a whole-home spring cleaning, check out our top-to-bottom spring cleaning checklist.

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