Out and About with Compass: Wahoo Woods

Posted by Emma Johnson on 5/25/17 9:30 AM

Topics: Local Focus & Events

We ask a lot of our kids each day. From standing patiently in line while running errands, to sitting for extended periods while focusing on school work. Finding appropriate ways for them to expend all their build up energy can be tricky for parents.

Wahoo (1).pngistockphoto/SolStock

Enter, Wahoo Woods! Wahoo Woods is a nature play area in a section of wooded land in Dundee Township that encourages children to run, play, explore, get dirty, and let imaginations run wild. This space was created intentionally to allow parents to take a back seat while kids run the show. Children can explore a twisting loop trail with stops along the way meant for kids to play, learn and explore. Stations feature elements like climbing stones, a fort building area, an art area, hay bale tunnels, and log and stump balancing. With very few rules or guidelines, it’s truly a place for kids to simply enjoy being kids!

With summer break on the horizon, this is the perfect venue to bring your little explorers when they need a place to run wild and free. Pack some snacks, and head out to explore!

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