Out and About with Compass: Three Oaks Recreation Area

Posted by Emma Johnson on 7/7/16 8:01 AM

Topics: Local Focus & Events

Three Oaks Recreation Area, located in Crystal Lake, is the perfect place to enjoy a summer day. Anything that you can imagine doing outdoors, you can do here at Three Oaks!


The pristine lakes make for some beautiful views as you walk or bike on the hiking trails around the park, but there’s also plenty of space for fishing, and a there’s a nice beach if you want to take a dip. If you’d prefer to stay dry, but still want to see the sights, there are boats and paddleboards available for rent.

Food and drink are allowed inside, so pack up a cooler and enjoy a relaxing picnic on the sand. But, if you’d like to save the cooking for someone else, there’s a Culvers right next to the beach which is convenient and delicious!

You won’t regret checking out this hidden gem of the northwest suburbs!

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