Out and About with Compass: Little Beans Café

Posted by Emma Johnson on 2/2/17 9:30 AM

Topics: Local Focus & Events

As adults, we love starting the day with a warm cup of coffee. It’s even more enjoyable when we can leisurely sip it in the comfort of our favorite cozy coffee shop. Now, it’s possible for you to enjoy that relaxing experience even when your children are in tow! Visit Little Beans Café this winter when you’re needing some relaxation and the kids are seeking fun!

Little Beans Café.png

Little Beans combines what adults love most about coffee shops- delicious brews and snacks in a welcoming environment, with an engaging and playful space where kids of all ages can play and let loose. With areas like a little village where kids can pretend and tables full of legos and trains, to a gym with an obstacle course and karaoke platform, there’s something for kids with a wide variety of interests. There are drop by events happening all throughout the week and classes to sign up for focused on things from sign language to dance! Visit their website to get an idea of all they offer!

A visit here brings the best of both worlds! Declious foods, yummy drings, a little time for you, and plenty of quality time with your kids in a space meant just for them. When you’re feeling stir crazy after lots of days spent inside, head here to brighten everyone’s spirits! Your coffee’s never tasted so good!

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