Out and About with Compass: Kohl Children's Museum

Posted by Emma Johnson on 5/10/16 9:55 AM

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While springtime provides us the opportunity to get back outdoors, we all know the weather can be unpredictable. For those days when it’s rainy and chilly, take your children to Kohl Children’s Museum, in Glenview, to get their energy out! This children’s museum is top notch and there’s something for children of all ages.


The museum is well-organized and each exhibit provides many different learning opportunities while your children play. You’ll find a “Car Care” exhibit where children can push cars down tracks, walk through a simulated car wash, and even pretend they’re mechanics as they repair cars. In another area you find a Whole Foods Market, complete with groceries, carts and resisters. Older children could play pretend here for hours! There’s also a spot where children can pretend to make home improvements. They’ll paint, install carpet, use pulleys to lift materials, and even shingle a roof. After they’re done, they may even be ready to assist you with your real-life DIY projects! While it’s not quite warm enough to splash around outside, the expansive water-play area will meet this need. Throughout the museum you can also find play areas for infants and crawlers, often times located near the exhibits older children would prefer, so you can be with your baby while keeping an eye on your older kids as well.


If the weather does happen to be nice when you visit, there is a beautiful courtyard to explore, too! Children can paint slate with water, explore the gardens, search for bugs and study flowers. They can make their way through a maze, and investigate weather, too!


Come lunch time, there is a Cosi Café at the entrance where you can refuel before heading home with your kids who will certainly be ready for a nap after all the playing they just did. Fun for everyone!

When you visit, use the hashtag #outandaboutwithcompass on Instagramto share you adventures!

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