Out and About with Compass: Iowa Edition: National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium

Posted by Emma Johnson on 1/12/17 10:00 AM

Topics: Local Focus & Events

The Mighty Mississippi, which runs almost directly through the middle of our nation, was, and still is, a critical part of American commerce and agriculture. As one of America’s longest rivers, it’s been an important part of people’s lives, since before the land was even settled. Today, we still recognize the importance of this resource, and as a way to honor the history and educate about the future, the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium exists!

National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium (1).png

This museum, located in Dubuque, offers visitors an opportunity to explore life on top of the water, in the water, and along the coast. Explore the touch tanks for an up-close and personal look at some of the animal species that call the river home. View exhibits describing the land animals and birds that are visible in this region, and head over to the 4D theater for an educational and entertaining experience that’s fun for everyone. The exhibits change often so there’s always something new to see. And it’s the perfect family outing as many of the exhibits are tailored for children!

Special events like live ice sculpture and log rolling are held throughout the year, so visit their website for all the details!

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