Out and About with Compass: Iowa Edition: Iowa Baseball Museum of Norway

Posted by Emma Johnson on 1/17/17 10:00 AM

Topics: Local Focus & Events

Baseball is America’s favorite pastime, and no matter where you go in the country, you can find a little piece of baseball history.  While it may not feel like it outside, spring training is just around the corner, which means soon, baseball is back!

Iowa Baseball Museum.png

But if that still feels like too long to wait for some baseball fun, plan a trip to Norway, Iowa!  Norway, a town that boasts just over 500 people, doesn't seem like it’d be so rich in baseball history, but if you’re a fan of the sport, or a follower of history, a visit to this small town is right up your alley!  You'll understand how baseball has impacted the commuinty, better understand the sport, and have lots of fun too!

The Iowa Baseball Museum of Norway tells the story of how baseball became such an impactful sport in the town. Baseball’s influence began just after the civil war, and eventually led to twenty state high school championships, producing a number of renowned college and semi-pro players, along with seventeen minor leaguers and four major league players!  The museum's detailed exhibits tell the tale, and a trip here would excite baseball lovers of all ages.

Even if you’re a baseball novice, you’ll learn a lot and enjoy exploring here! Bring the family for a day of fun and education. Play ball!

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