Out and About with Compass: Iowa Edition: Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad

Posted by Emma Johnson on 4/4/17 10:00 AM

Topics: Local Focus & Events

If you have an interest in trains or locomotive history, or if it excites the younger members of your family, a visit to the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad is a must-do! Put a trip here on your spring/summer bucket list!

Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad.pngistockphoto/tycook751

The Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad offers ticketed visitors a beautiful ride on some amazing and historic trains. You’ll board in Boone and travel to Frazer, which was once a booming mining town with a rich railway history. You can take a basic excursion which will last about an hour and 45 minutes, or choose to enjoy dinner or dessert while riding which extends the trip by about 30 minutes. You’ll enjoy comfortable accommodations onboard while you take in the sights and sounds of beautiful surrounding landscape. Bring the kids for a nice family outing, or celebrate a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday!

There is also a historical railway museum to visit before or after your trip, and special events, like the famous Day Out with Thomas in September, an Auto Show in July, and more! You won’t be disappointed after a day spent here!

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