Out and About with Compass: Iowa Edition: American Gothic House Center

Posted by Emma Johnson on 2/16/17 10:00 AM

Topics: Local Focus & Events

You don’t need a degree in art to know and instantly recognize the famous painting, American Gothic, currently displayed at the Art Institute of Chicago, which portrays a farming couple in front of a white farmhouse. The artist, Grant Wood, painted it in 1930, and his inspiration came from what is now known as thein Eldon, Iowa. Wood drew his inspiration for the characters in the portrait from his sister and his dentist, and he said he sought to paint the house along with "the kind of people I fancied should live in it.

"American Gothic House.png

Visit Eldon, at the American Gothic House Center, to view the exterior of the house, and take part in parodying the famous paiting, which in itself has become a mainstay of American culture. There are even props available to make your picture more accurate! Next door you’ll find a museum dedicated to Grant Wood’s life as well as a detailed history of the house. There are special events which take place on the grounds at different times throughout the year, so keep on eye on their website to stay up to date! Admission to the center is free, making it the perfect place to visit with family. Enjoy learning a bit about American history and culture, and come prepared to strike a pose!

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