Out and About with Compass: Hippo Campus

Posted by Emma Johnson on 4/6/17 9:30 AM

Topics: Local Focus & Events

April showers bring...lots of time cooped up indoors! While we wait for the sunshine to make its appearance again in Chicagoland, bring your kids to Hippo Campus, in Volo, for some fun as they use their brains and bodies to explore and learn!

HippoCampus (1).pngistockphoto/FatCamera

Hippo Campus is named after the hippocampus in the brain.  This part of the brain is responsible for forming, organizing and storing new memoreis, and that is exactly what is reinforced in the museum's exhibits.  The sensory play space is divided into five rooms, with each focusing on one of the five senses:  Sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.  Each area seeks to engage children on multiple levels while teaching them important concepts through play. 

The museum is best suited for children 10 months-10 years old, and while visiting they have the opportunity to explore everything from shadow puppets and musical instruments, to "smell stations" and balance and motion activities.  There's a sensory garden that will reopen this spring, and when you want to engage your taste buds, visit the snack room for some healthy treats the whole family will enjoy. 

There are special events and classes taking place often, so visit their website for more information and plan your visit!

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