Out and About with Compass: Cosley Zoo and Phillips Park Zoo

Posted by Emma Johnson on 4/19/16 9:30 AM

Topics: Local Focus & Events

Cosley_Zoo_and_Phillips_Park_Zoo-_Out_and_About_with_Compass.pngBrookfield Zoo is a world-class zoo, but sometimes children (and perhaps their parents), don’t have the stamina for such a large-scale facility. So, for days when you don’t think you’ll make it on an all-day zoo adventure, there are some smaller zoos in the area which offer the same kind of fun, with less commitment. Both Phillips Park Zoo, in Aurora, and Cosley Zoo, located in Wheaton, are home to animals of all kinds: Peacocks, llamas, cows, ducks, horses, hawks, owls, a bobcat, cougars and wolves! Collectively, these zoos house over 300 different animals! There is so much to observe, and at zoos this size, your children can get a better view of these creatures. Phillips has an indoor reptile house, and Cosley has a sand area to play in as well.


After you’ve finished your animal adventures, the learning continues! Cosley has an old train car they’ve turned into an exploration area for kids. They can match animals to their footprints, feel different types of animal fur, and learn about plants found around in the area. Phillips Zoo has an adjacent park with beautiful sunken gardens, a playground, and even a train called the “Mastadon Express”.


Both places have picnic areas so you can enjoy some snacks in the sunshine before it’s time to go home. There’s always fun to be had at Phillips and Cosley!

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