Out and About with Compass: Bronzeville Children's Museum

Posted by Emma Johnson on 3/28/17 9:30 AM

Topics: Local Focus & Events

Looking for a way to entertain and educate the kids while they’re off on spring break? Look no further than the Bronzeville Children’s Museum in Chicago, which offers unique exhibits and programming for kids of all ages, with a special focus on African American history and culture.

Bronzeville Children's Museum-1.pngistockphoto/FatCamera

This museum is the first and only in the country with this focus, making it a must-do if you live anywhere near the city. Bronzeville has a rich history of African American culture and influence, dating back to civil war times, and this museum has only added to the charm and history of the neighborhood.

The museum takes a unique guided tour format, which is different from many children’s museums, allowing visitors to more deeply engages with the content of the exhibits. This ensures that your kids really remember what they saw while visiting!

The exhibits are not to be missed, and they change regularly to keep things interesting. From “You are What You Eat” which teaches healthy eating habits, to a Kwanza exhibit during the holidays, and the current “African American Inventors Changing Lives” which reveals how black Americans have put their stamp on everything from beauty products to medicine, everyone will learn something new while visiting. Plan your visit today!

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