Labor Day Sales: What to Buy & What to Skip

Posted by Laine Smith on 9/7/15 10:40 AM

Is shopping a part of your Labor Day weekend agenda? Here's the scoop on what home items to buy for the best deals and which items to forgo.

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Wait to Buy: Gas Grills

Even though it's technically the end of the summer season, sales on gas grills won't be the best possible on Labor Day. You're better to hold off for another few weeks, according to Ben's Bargains, who says grill prices are likely to fall another 25% from their Labor Day price tag in early October.

Buy Instead: Patio Furniture/Outdoor Living Essentials/Lawn Mowers

Most retailers are going to want to unload trend items, such as patio furniture and outdoor living essentials, like outdoor rugs and patio decor. You're also likely to find the best deals on lawn mowers over the Labor Day weekend, as the need for mowing decreases throughout the next couple months.

Wait to Buy: Televisions/General Electronics

While retailers might advertise electronics discounts, you're better off waiting to splurge until late November. Black Friday deals will guarantee you get the most bang for your buck.

Buy Instead: Back-to-School Electronics (calculators, laptops, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, etc.)

Back-to-school electronics are the way to go for Labor Day sales. You'll find the best deals with small laptops, graphing calculators, headphones, and Bluetooth speakers this weekend.

Wait to Buy: Holiday Airfare

While you may be receiving e-mails from flight search sites over the holiday weekend, the best time to book holiday travel for Thanksgiving and Christmas is typically in early October. Ticket prices range from 5 to 10 percent lower between October 5 and October 15, then shoot back up to regularly or increased pricing in mid-October.

Buy Instead: Last-Minute Summer Destinations

Labor Day is a great time to snag deals on last-minute, extended weekend trips to warm destinations. You're likely to find travel deals offering 30-50% off throughout the Labor Day weekend for the month of September, as well as discounts on hotel rooms.

Wait to Buy: Toys for the Kids

While you don't have to wait until Black Friday to score sales on toys, it's best to wait until late October to start holiday shopping for the kids. Put off toy shopping until you start seeing holiday ads, which are starting to be released earlier each year (usually around late October).

Buy Instead: Bed Upgrades

A study found that in 2014, mattress sales were better than any other time of the year, ranging from 30-60% off. If any of the bedrooms in your home need a new mattress, Labor Day weekend is the time to buy.


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