How to Make Your Home Inviting in the Cold Months

Posted by Laine Smith on 1/21/15 11:04 AM

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Whether you are protecting your house from the cold or trying to make a more inviting home environment after the excitement of the holidays is over, winter can be a taxing time on everyone’s spirit.  Thanks to some ideas from Style at Home, here is a list of ways to keep your home cozy throughout the rest of the chilly months:

Plaid Throws & Quilts

To create more of a log cabin look, opt for lots of plaids in your space.  Some plaid throws or quilts are great to have on hand when the temperatures drop during the colder months.  Not only do they provide a charming décor element, but these can also help keep your utility costs down.  Add additional blankets to couches and beds to keep toasty without having to raise the thermostat at night.  Extra blankets are really one of the greatest winter bedroom essentials. 


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Flannel Sheet Set 

Comfortable sheets are another essential for every bedroom.  In the cold months, use flannel sheet sets to makeover your bedroom into a rustic retreat and create a snuggle worthy slumber every night.

Winter Home Scents & Candles

Smell plays a big role in creating an inviting atmosphere in your home.  Whether you have cookies baking in the oven, hot cider heating in the kitchen or a scented candle warming a room, scents create a sensory connection to a room.  For a woodsy aroma, try a pine scented candle or give the illusion of baking with a vanilla fragrance one.   Candles not only provide great smells in your home, but can also be an alternate light source to help save on your energy bills.  Try turning off the lights in the evening and create a relaxing ambiance for unwinding with a loved ones on the couch or catching up on your favorite movies and shows on Netflix.

Towel Warmer 

One of the best new trends in bathrooms nowadays is built-in towel warmers.  This is an ultimate winter luxury that you will probably still want to use throughout the year.  These devices keep all your towels toasty so you don’t get a chill after getting out of the shower or bath.

Floor Runners & Rugs

The worst feeling is getting out of your cozy bed only to have your feet freeze on the floor beneath you.  For rooms with hardwoods, tile or stone flooring, lay a few carpet runners or area rugs to prevent icy toes.  Give your feet a treat by placing softer rugs, like a fluffy shag, throughout your home’s living areas for the wintry season.

Wood Burning Stove

Another stylish way to keep heating costs down is with traditional wood stoves.  Not only do they help create warmth, but they can also be a focal point in any living or family room.  There is also nothing like the smell of a wood burning stove to bring the outdoors in.  Where modern gas fireplaces are readily available in most homes these days, there are still some benefits to the old fashioned ones in the winter. 

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