Fall 2014 Decor Trends

Posted by Laine Smith on 11/5/14 4:25 PM

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The hottest trends for Fall 2014 are here and we wanted to share with you some great decorating tips for your home:

Warm Colors

Orange has always been a popular fall color. Whether it is changing leaves, pumpkins or Thanksgiving sweet potatoes, it’s hard to get away from the abundance of orange.  Not only orange, but red, yellow, rust, and brick are also good shades for fall.  Using accent pieces is a great way to incorporate the fall colors into your existing décor.  Adding throw pillows, blanket, candles, and foliage to the existing set up of a room can being that extra fall flair to your home.


Organic Materials & Natural Textures

Wood, pine cones and leaves are all natural materials that can be easy and stylish accents in your home.  These objects can all help with bringing “the outside in” and cozy a space on cold, dreary days.  Large tree branches in a vase can create height and leaves inside, or around, candle holders can give the illusion of a fire pit type gathering.  Pine cones as decoration can usually provide a fall scent as well as being visually appropriate.      

Another texture to play around with is different types of metals.  Warm metals, like brass or gold in particular, are very popular this season. They both add a touch of glamour to your space and can brighten the space.   It can be something as simple as a vase or a lamp, or as bold as an actual piece of furniture like a bench or side table.



Even though colors are fun to play with, neutrals play an important part in almost every décor concept.  Whether it is the furniture, flooring, paint, etc. using and layering neutrals allows you to focus on changing out the bolder, complimentary color much easier. Using soft browns, tans and off-whites or grays, whites and light blues as the bases to your room gives a great variety of other pops of color.  Within your neutrals, it is good to still mix up the textures to give more visual interest.



Classic patterns are always a good way to add visual interest and some color to a room as well.  Prints like stripes or plaid are pretty neutral but can help make a room feel fuller.  If you’re looking for a little more of a statement, then you can do a chevron print for a more modern flair or even paisley, or damask, for a more traditional look.  By doing one wall of an area in a print it creates your focal point of the room for the rest of the décor to compliment. 

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