DIY - Washi Tape

Posted by Laine Smith on 2/20/19 10:48 AM

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DIY: Washi Tape

Looking for a no-brainer DIY? Enter, washi tape! Washi tape is a paper tape, originally from Japan, and comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and widths. It’s beautiful, can be found at every craft store. Use it anywhere to add a unique punch of personality! Here are three of our favorite ways to utilize washi tape in your home!

Picture Frames: Framing artwork can be expensive—especially if it involves a custom measurement! Save yourself time and money and create whimsical washi tape frames instead! Get creative and use different shapes and patterns to make your frames. This would be especially adorable in a kid’s room or playroom filled with a child’s art in the center. This would also work well in a dorm room! Take a look at Design Sponge’s tutorial here!

Car Track: Creating a fun and engaging space for your kids doesn’t have to be expensive or involve a long-term commitment! Use washi tape in a child’s bedroom or playroom to create a sweet city scape, complete with buildings, roads and parking spots! We love what Le Jardin de Juliette did! Take a look here.

Accent Wall: Wallpaper not your thing? You can still achieve the look without the expense (or hassle) with washi tape! Create a simple design, like crosses, lines or dots, or get more complicated and try your hand at a herringbone or diamond pattern. Anything goes! This post from City Farmhouse will walk you through the process!

We hope this inspires you to utilize washi tape in your homes. The possibilities are endless!

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