Choosing the Right Flooring Option for Each Room in Your Home

Posted by Laine Smith on 4/23/17 12:11 PM

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Choosing flooring can seem like a daunting task. You have to consider wear and tear, cost, lifespan, installation, etc. To make this renovation decision a little bit easier, we’ve rounded up some of the best flooring types for each room in your home.



Entryway and Mudroom

Best Options: Hardwood, Tile, Vinyl

For the most high-traffic area of your home, you’ll want to choose a flooring type that is extremely moisture resistant, scratch-proof and resilient. If hardwood is your go-to in other areas of your home, consider laying down a rug in your entryway to cut down on flooring damage from heeled or wet shoes and pets’ claw marks.


Best Option: Carpet

While hardwood is extremely popular, carpet remains the top choice in bedrooms to achieve that cozy factor.

Laundry Room

Best Options: Tile, Vinyl

Water is your main contributing factor in this flooring decision. An appliance malfunctioning and leading to a water leak could completely ruin certain flooring types.

Kitchen, Living Room and Dining Room

Best Options: Hardwood, Vinyl, Laminate

In these rooms, you’ll want a durable and moisture-proof flooring option. Because most homes offer open layouts, we’ve grouped these three rooms together. Another thing to consider when choosing a flooring type for your kitchen, living and dining room is sound transmission. Do you have a basement? Since these rooms typically have a large amount of foot traffic, you may want to consider an option that requires significant padding underneath.

Home Office

Best Options: Carpet, Cork, Vinyl, Laminate

While any type of flooring works for this room, noise reduction is something to consider when designing your home office. Will you be on a lot of conference calls? Hard surface flooring will echo, making carpet a top choice, but a strategically placed area rug can help minimize sound.


Best Options: Sheet Vinyl, Tile

There are two things to think about when planning a flooring renovation in your bathroom: waterproofing and fall-proofing. Vinyl is a great option for the cost-conscious homeowner, starting around $1 per square foot, and is easily installable by a novice DIY-er.

Tile is a stylish option, but you’ll want to look for slip-resistant finishes. Keep in mind that tile has a cooling effect, so depending on the size of your bathroom, you may want to consider in-floor heating.


Best Option: Carpet

While you may think that carpet and kids don’t mix well, carpeting is a good option for rooms that kids play in because of noise and falls.

A cheap, DIY option you may want to consider is modular carpet tiles, which can be removed when spilled on (because, kids!) and cleaned or replaced with a new carpet tile.

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