8 Ways to Tackle Post-Holiday Clutter and Home Organization

Posted by Laine Smith on 12/28/16 9:39 AM

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Whether you dismantle your holiday décor on December 26th or January 26th, you may already feel the reality of post-holiday disarray sinking in. There is no better time of year to tackle a cluttered home than right after a season of giving and receiving. Use these tips for an organized home heading into the new year.


Receive One, Rid Two

For every gift you receive in a category, get rid of two. For instance, if you receive a new sweater, go through your closet and add two of your older sweaters to the donate or sell pile. This is a good routine to instill in your children, as well. Involve them by taking a toy inventory together and use the situation to teach the concept of charity by starting a box of gently-used but outgrown toys and/or clothing to donate.

Make Returns ASAP


It’s inevitable – you’ve received a gift that just isn’t you. While the good thought is appreciated, don’t feel obligated to hold onto something that you won’t use. If it’s returnable, bring it back before the retailer’s return window has closed.

Sort & Sift


We’re all guilty of it – buying new seasonal décor and storing it on top of things we won’t use again. This year, make it a goal to sift through ornaments, garlands and wreaths of Christmas past and donate, toss or sell what you won’t use again.

For things you plan to use again, keep them organized for next year. Wrap strands of lights around a piece of flat cardboard, stash breakable ornaments in egg cartons and store wrapping paper in a hanging garment bag. If you reuse ribbon, wrap it around an empty wrapping paper roll so you don’t have to sort through an endless box next time you need to wrap a gift.

Another handy tip is to hold onto gift wrap or tissue paper that would otherwise be headed for the recycling bin. Repurpose it by wrapping breakable ornaments for storage.

Arrange a Toy Library

Toy Donation.jpg

If you feel like your kids have abandoned some of their still age-appropriate toys for their new gifts, organize and stow them. Bring them out again for your kids to play with when cabin fever sets in this winter or you feel like your kids are growing bored with the same toys – it’s like Christmas morning all over again.

Make Arrangements for Your Tree

Most cities have a designated day where curbside tree pick-up is free. Check your city’s website for your pick-up day so you don’t miss the mark and then have to make other arrangements.

Clean Out the Fridge

Whether one of your new year’s resolutions is getting back on track with nutritional meals or piles of leftovers in Tupperware is crowding your fridge, a full clean out is surprisingly satisfying following a season of indulgent foods.

Clean Off the Fridge

Christmas Cards.jpg

Is your fridge door peppered with holiday cards? You don’t have to cope with the guilt of throwing them away by repurposing them. Cut out decorative portions of holiday cards and use them as gift tags next year. See 17 more ways to repurpose your Christmas cards from Better Homes and Gardens here.

Prep For Next Year’s Clean-Out


The end of the holiday season is the perfect excuse to tackle an overly stuffed bedroom closet. If you’re one who can’t stand to get rid of ill-fitting or out-of-style clothing, set yourself up for success next year. Turn all of your hanging items around. When you wear something in the New Year, place it back the right way. By the end of 2017, you’ll have a visual representation of what you can get rid of.

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