8 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Home for Spring

Posted by Laine Smith on 3/19/17 8:30 AM

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Transitioning seasons incite many homeowners to take on change with home improvements and décor. As the weather slowly grows warmer, you’ll likely be looking for ways to transform your cozy winter home into a light and breezy respite for spring. Here are a few quick ways to do that.



Start With a Clean Slate

The first way to get your home feeling spring-like is a top to bottom cleaning job. See our spring cleaning checklist for tackling each and every room in your home.

Rearrange Your Furniture

While you’re moving furniture to clean dirty and dusty floors, consider making an entire room transition. Play with your furniture placement to create an entirely new room.

Add Something New

Whether it’s a piece of art, end table, organizational piece, light fixture or large-printed chair, now is a great time to rejuvenate with something trendy.

Bring in Nature

Nothing says spring like flowers and foliage. Whether you harvest some of your own early blooming branches or invest in a faux tea rose arrangement, florals breathe newness into your home. Clear bowls or hurricane vases filled with real or fake citrus fruits are also an extremely easy spring-like décor item.

Switch Out Your Throw Pillows

While you were cozying up your home for winter you may have incorporated luxe fabrics like wool, velvet or tweed pillow covers. Switch them out for lighter, breezier fabrics like linen or cotton in lighter colored or printed designs.

Lighten Up Your Fabrics



It’s also time to play with bedding fabrics. If you use a duvet, switch out your heavy down insert for a summer weight version or store it and incorporate a lighter quilt for the warmer evenings.

This goes for window treatments too. If you have heavier curtains, exchange them with linen or sheer cotton panels for a light, airy atmosphere.

Incorporate Scents

If you’re a fan of synthetic fragrances, candles or essential oils, switch out your winter go-to fragrances for something lighter weight. Consider natural scents like lavender, peppermint and citruses.

Pare Down & Simplify

Clutter happens to everyone, and while you’re freshening up your décor, you should also be paring down on items you no longer need or items you have duplicates of. Start with bedroom closets and pull out what hasn’t been worn within the last year. Whether you donate or sell it – just get rid of it.

Now is also a good time to assess the organizational flow of each of your home’s rooms. Use these storage solutions to add more space.

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