8 Ways to Boost Curb Appeal on a Budget

Posted by Laine Smith on 8/6/16 12:34 PM

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Did you think home staging was just for home interiors? Whether you’re preparing to sell your home or just want a better view when you pull into your driveway, use these tips to stage your home’s exterior and instantly boost curb appeal.


Eliminate the Negative

First things, first. Whether it’s the “bald” spot on your lawn or the shaky railing on your front steps, we all grow accustomed to parts of our home that others notice immediately. So grab your friend, family member, neighbor, etc. and ask them to help point out some areas that need some attention.

Look to Your Foundation


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Foundation plants, the plantings closet to your home, are meant to soften and frame the edges of your home while highlighting its distinct architecture. But many people still seem to think inside the box when it comes to foundation plantings. There are a lot more options than tired, clipped evergreen shrubs.

If your home style is symmetrical, stick with neat-kept plant types and flank your entryway with them. Cottage style homes have broader options as they allow asymmetrical landscapes, according to This Old House. See This Old House’s ideas on foundation planting basics for your home type.

Freshen Up That Mulch




On top of health for your plants, moisture retention and weed suppression, fresh mulch gives your landscape an instant uplift. See which kinds are best for your plant types and yard condition here.

Spotless Windows

Using a simple solution of two household items – white vinegar and dish detergent – and water, you can achieve an effortless, streak-free shine. See the directions on the She Wears Many Hats blog.

Accentuate Your Favorite Spot


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Since you’ve already made your to-do list of what’s lacking in your home’s outward appearance, let’s focus on some positives. What is your favorite exterior spot of your home? Your private deck, a nook in your garden, even you front door. Now accentuate and accessorize that outdoor living space.


Interior de-cluttering is one of the first steps in preparation for selling your home. Whether it’s lawn care essentials or children’s toys, nestle them away in their proper places. Invest in storage containers for outdoor essentials like hoses, charcoal, grill tools, pool equipment, etc.

Invest in Your Lawn

A lush, green lawn is a huge pride for many homeowners. Luckily, a little maintenance goes a long way. Start by addressing bare spots and reseeding, as needed.

Remember, even the healthiest grass still needs to be fertilized on a regular maintenance. Hire a lawn care specialist to address fertilization and the anti-weed needs of your lawn or DIY. Click here to see our tips for maintaining the perfect lawn.

Utilize a Power Washer

This is your curb appeal and exterior home maintenance go-to. Give your walkways, driveway, deck, patio and siding (per your manufacturers guidelines) a swift clean up to knock years of wear and tear from your home’s exterior.

Interested in completing some bigger outdoor home renovations? Download our free Rehab & Construction Guide for loan options that allow you to roll the costs of your renovations into your mortgage.

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