7 Non-DIY Home Improvements You Should Leave to the Pros

Posted by Laine Smith on 8/3/16 12:40 PM

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Don't turn a do-it-yourself project into a "what did I do?" project. Many homeowners have encompassed the do-it-yourself agenda to save time and money on home improvement projects. While many repairs, upgrades, and renovations can be completed by homeowners with amateur experience, there are some that require training and expertise. Here are some of the top home improvements best left to the professionals, even if you are an avid DIY homeowner.


Window Replacement

New windows are a costly, yet rewarding home improvement project. In order for your windows to effectively conserve energy and efficiently maintain your home's temperature, you should have a professional install them. They'll have experience working with the windows and the aluminum, vinyl, or wood materials that surround them and have the specialized tools on hand to correctly complete the task.


You may think that because you've repaired faulty shingles or cleaned and replaced your gutters, you are a roof expert. But major roof repair should never be attempted by a homeowner without experience. Not only do you risk a fall with DIY roofing, but your good intentions could do further damage. If you have a warranty on your roof, you could also compromise it with DIY work.

Tree Removal

If you need a large or awkwardly placed tree removed, call in a tree service. Between coordinating a cut that doesn't cause a tree falling into your dining room, renting or acquiring the tools necessary to cut it down, and finding a way to dispose of the tree altogether, you would have saved yourself time, money, safety and a headache.

Structural Changes

Whether you're adding on or knocking down, structural changes encompass a whole list of items you shouldn't do yourself. Behind those walls are gas pipes, electrical wires, plumbing, etc. and unless you have extensive knowledge in all of the above, call a professional contractor.

Electrical Work

While knowing your way around your home's circuit breaker is a helpful homeowner skill, it doesn't make you a licensed electrician. Hire one to replace faulty wiring or any other major electrical project so they can take the proper safety precautions.

Plumbing Repair

Unless it's something simple like unclogging a drain, plumbing repairs can do extensive harm if not done correctly - think of the damage an incorrectly repaired burst pipe can do. If in doubt about what you can do on your own, consult a plumber before tackling any plumbing projects.

Siding Installation

Siding is a popular option for home exteriors because it has the ability last for years, if installed correctly. If not done properly, siding can become victim to weather damages and moisture retention, which would affect the major framework of your home.

Every homeowner has different skills, abilities, tools and patience for different kinds of home improvements. Where you think you might be cutting costs, you might be racking them up with improper techniques. When in doubt, consult with a professional on the costs, safety, and importance of skilled installation, removal, repair, etc.

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