2019 Kitchen Trends

Posted by Laine Smith on 2/6/19 3:18 PM

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2019 Kitchen Trends

The thing people appreciate most about a new year is the opportunity to welcome in the new and toss out what’s not working anymore. This is true in all areas of life—including design! Recently, Elle Décor came out with a list of trending kitchen designs for 2019. If your space is in need of a refresh, take a look at our top three favorites from their list and learn how you can easily incorporate them into your home!

  • Open Shelving: Replacing upper cabinets with shelves is in! Not only does it open up the kitchen making it appear larger, but it provides a space to display pretty dishes and glassware—giving you away to express your personal style! This trend has been used in restaurants and bars for years, and when used in your home, it brings that same level of elegance. Inexpensive shelving and brackets can be found at any big box store, or customize the look and DIY some wood shelving! (istockphoto/undrey)
  • Pops of Color: White kitchens have been the trend in years past, and their clean and bright vibe is still desirable for homeowners. That said, this year we will see people incorporate pops of color into their kitchens more and more. Whether it’s countertop accessories, upholstery, artwork, window treatments or displayed dishes…even cabinetry, color is in! Choose a color that ties the kitchen in to other rooms in your house, or switch out the accent color seasonally for a fun change. The possibilities are endless! (istockphoto/Archivez)
  • Raw Materials: With the farmhouse trend still going strong, raw materials like unpolished stone, shiplap, distressed furniture, and metal are all popular this year. Adding these elements into your kitchen adds instant character. Take on a bigger project like an accent wall or backsplash, or simply find a new statement piece for your countertop that wrangles your utensils. Function and design! (istockphoto/TiggerPhoto)

Read Elle Décor’s full list of 2019 trends here, and be inspired to make some small changes to keep your kitchen beautiful and up-to-date!


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