15 Ingenious Moving Hacks and Tips

Posted by Laine Smith on 5/9/15 12:00 PM

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Moving to a new home can be an exciting time - until you actually have to move. Organize, pack, label, lift, repeat may not be your favorite activity, so we've compiled a list of ingenious moving hacks to help rid some of the anxiety, stress and time-consuming tasks that come with packing up your life's belongings.


1. Skip Folding Your Hanging Clothes

Slide your hanging clothes directly into garbage bags, still attached to hangers, to make packing and unpacking a breeze!

2. Wrap Breakable Dishes in Your T-Shirts

Kill two birds with one stone and save on costly bubble wrap.

3. Pack a "First Night" Box

The most stressful thing about moving is the "where are my pajamas, toiletries, pillows, [insert any necessary daily item here]?" routine. Avoid the need to rummage through 15 boxes your first night in your new home by packing a "first night" box of all your essential items.

4. Wrap Your Dressers

Save yourself multiple steps by wrapping your dressers - with the contents still in the drawers - with plastic wrap.

5. Bag Your Screws & Bolts

If you have to dismantle any furniture for you move, put them in sealable sandwich bags and label what furniture item they belong to. This tip also works well for electronic cords.

6. Create Handles on Boxes

Using a box cutter, cut out rectangular handles on two opposite sides to ease the process of lifting and carrying heavy boxes.

7. Packing Plates

Buy a pack of disposable styrofoam plates to place between your plates for extra padding.

8. Use Clear Tubs for First-Need Items

See-through bins and totes will separate themselves from the endless array of carboard boxes. Fill them with your primary necessities such as cookware, power strips, phone chargers, toilet paper, trash bags, etc.

9. Document Your Electronic Connections

Take photos of how your electronics are connected so you can easily reconnect when you settle in your new place.

10. Color Code

Pick a color for each room and label boxes accordingly. Grab a few rolls of differently colored Duck® Tape and a sharpie so you and your moving help know what goes where and what's in each box.

11. Make a List

If you're really ambitious and organized, before taping all of your boxes up, give each box a number and make a master list of what each numbered box contains. Though it may seem time-consuming, so is tearing apart ten different boxes looking for a specific item.

12. Put Together a Charity Box

Now that you're going through all of your belongings anyway, designate a box for items that you don't want to make the move with you. Arrange for a charitable organization to come by and pick up the items before moving day.

13. Boxing the Breakables

Hit up your local grocery stores, liquor stores, restaurants or bars for partitioned boxes that are usually used to transport wine and/or liquor bottles. Use these types of boxes to pack your own glasses and stemware.

14. Prevent Spills

Avoid toiletry spills by removing bottle caps, placing plastic wrap over the opening of the bottle and the placing the cap back on.

15. Check Your Baggage

Use suitcases for especially heavy items, such as books. You'll thank yourself when you're rolling your heavy items instead of carrying them.

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