13 Storage Solutions for Every Space in Your Home

Posted by Laine Smith on 11/9/16 1:57 PM

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What’s the one thing it seems all homeowners want more of in their home? Space for all of their belongings. Whether you’re trying to optimize storage in a small home or looking for simple ways to cut down on clutter and get organized, here are several ways to add extra storage spaces to your house.

Home_Storage_Solutions.jpgKnee Wall Storage

Knee Wall Storage.jpg

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Convert a typically unusable knee wall into a valuable storage space with a recessed dresser. You’ll need some basic carpentry knowledge to DIY, but This Old House has a relatively simple tutorial here.

Extra Kitchen Storage

Kitchen Storage.jpg

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Running out of drawer and counter space? No matter how big your home is, there never seems to be sufficient storage space for all of your kitchen gadgets. The IKEA Grundtal Kitchen Series allows you to turn function into an eclectic display of your kitchenware.

Storage Bed

Storage Bed.jpg

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If your reach-in bedroom closet or linen closet is stuffed to the brim, consider a storage bed for access to extra bedding, shoes, etc.

Storage Ottoman

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Out of sight and out of mind. A storage ottoman is a great option for stashing DVDs, a magazine/book collection or throw blankets.

Decorative Above-Cabinet Storage

Above Cabinet Storage.jpg

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Forget about the space that could have been more cabinet space and put it to use with decorative storage baskets.

Lazy Susan Pantry

Lazy Susan Pantry.jpg

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Everyone curses the corner space of their pantry. Avoid knocking ten things over in your hunt for one item and utilize lazy susans to increase accessibility and your likelihood of using that corner for food storage.

Behind-the-Door Shelves

Behind the Door Shelves.jpg

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Keep cleaning supplies behind closed doors and organized with a behind-the-door shelving system. In as little of space as a doorstop, you can create the perfect spot for all of your household essentials. See the tutorial from The Family Handyman.

Seldom-Use Closet Shelves

High Closet Shelving.jpg

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One of the biggest storage and organization mistakes is forgoing the use of vertical space. Adding a second shelf to your closet adds a whole additional level to store seldom-use or seasonal items.

Mirrored Armoire

Jewelry Armoire.jpg

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Clear off the top of your dresser or your jewelry drawer and invest in a mirror that is both decorative and functional.

Shoe Storage

Shoe Storage.jpg

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A great addition for your entryway or mudroom, the IKEA Hemnes shoe cabinet holds a minimum of 12 shoes and takes up less than a foot of floor space.

Dead-End Built-Ins

Dead End Built-In.jpg

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Dead-end hallways are a great spot for a “built-in” bookcase.

Toe Kick Drawers

Kick Board Storage.jpg

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Toe kick drawers are a great solution for homeowners who don’t want to sacrifice square footage for storage space. Many cabinet manufacturers offer these as part of their product line but with some elbow grease and woodworking skills you can DIY with this tutorial from The Family Handyman.

Overhead Garage Storage

Overhead Garage Storage.jpg

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Is your garage the toss area for anything you can't fit in your home? An overhead sliding storage system is a great option for getting your garage in order. See The Family Handyman tutorial.

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