12 Tips for Decorating a Small Home

Posted by Laine Smith on 11/3/15 3:05 PM

Decorating a smaller home can seem like an insurmountable task, but just because your space is smaller, doesn't mean you have to skimp on style. But how do you incorporate statement pieces, artwork, storage, window treatments and more into a smaller space without making it look completely overwhelmed? Here's how.

12 Tips for Decorating a Small Home

Draw the Eye Up with Vertical Storage

High Book Shelves

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Higher shelving creates more room on your floor and the illusion of higher walls.

Go With Exposed Leg Furniture

Legged Furniture

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Furniture that appears to sit close to the ground seems heavy in a small space. Invest in exposed leg furniture.

Use Area Rugs to Define Each Space

Homes with an open concept need definition. Using area rugs will help show which room is which.

Use Functional Pieces As Decor

Kitchen Window Shelving

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Adding shelves to the window above your sink adds function and design to your kitchen. Display fun dishware, cooking staples or your indoor herb garden for easy access.

Ditch the Blinds

Uncovered windows give a room more depth, so opt for window treatments that filter, rather than block, natural light like woven blinds or sheer privacy panels.

Pull Furniture Away from the Wall to Create a Spacious Illusion

Console Table

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Pushing furniture against the walls of any size home immediately makes a room look smaller. Add a console table behind your sectional that can also double as a place to set lamps, vases, books, etc.

Use the Power of Mirrors

Using large mirrors allows light to reflect and create visual interest throughout your home, establishing the appearance of a bigger space.

Go Big on Art Pieces

Big Art Pieces

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Gallery walls can make smaller rooms look cluttered and kitschy. Stick to larger statement pieces.

Light Walls & Light Flooring

Though dark paint and flooring make a room appear cozy, they'll absorb the majority of your light rather than reflecting it. Check out some lighter home decor color palettes for 2016 here.

Efficiently Light Your Spaces

Kitchen Lighting

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Are you getting the trend that light is a must in smaller homes? Your goal should be to create ambient lighting, which provides equal illumination for the entire room, and adding task lighting for your kitchen, reading spots, and home office.

Go For Bigger Decorative Accents

Decorative Accents

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Just like artwork, your decorative accents should be larger. The "cantaloupe rule" says accents smaller than a cantaloupe crowd a room. Go for larger and less rather than smaller and more.

Use Monotones

Unify the color palette, materials and overall style of your home, especially if there are multiple adjacent rooms. Too many varying styles will compartmentalize your home.

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