11 Weekend Projects to Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

Posted by Laine Smith on 4/30/16 8:00 AM

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Homeowners often focus on improving interior living spaces, but come spring, it’s time to refocus on what you (and your neighbors) see from the curb. Here are some weekend projects to tackle to get your home looking its best.


Cover Exposed Foundation


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These ready-made panels come in all types of styles. Choose from cobblestone, brick, river rock and slatestone. Find them here.

Get Your Windows Crystal-Clear

No squeegee needed! With a few household items – dish soap, vinegar and water – your streak-free windows will be the envy of the neighborhood. See the concoction here.

Plant a Tree

Though you won’t reap the benefits right away, planting a tree can contribute a lot to your home’s appearance, value and energy efficiency. According to the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers, a mature tree can often have an appraised value between $1,000 and $10,000. See our tips for choosing the right tree and planting it correctly.

Update Your Garage Door

A garage door replacement is one of the top remodeling projects for value in 2016, but the average replacement will run you upwards of $1,500. You can still upgrade without replacing by installing a garage door hardware kit, applying a gel stain for a faux wood appearance or add plastic adhesive “windows”. See our garage door DIY’s here.

Camouflage Eyesores


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The necessities of homeowners are sometimes, well, not so pretty. Whether your air conditioning unit sticks out like a sore thumb or you have to store your garbage cans outside, you can conceal these items and boost your curb appeal. Here’s Canadian Garden’s how-to on building a lattice screen for your A/C.

Paint Your Electrical Boxes

Speaking of the sometimes-unsightly utilitarian parts of your home, you can camouflage your electrical boxes simply by painting them the same color as your home.

Guide Your Visitors

Boost safety and curb appeal by installing low voltage or solar lighting along walkways.

Upgrade Your House Numbers


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Still sporting the standard home numbers? You have a lot of options for upgrading, such as this mid-century address plaque and wall planter by UrbanMettle available on Etsy.


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Or DIY by painting your house numbers on your container garden near your entryway.

Makeover Your Mailbox


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If you have a street-side mailbox, it’s one of the first things anyone notices pulling into your driveway. Camouflage your standard post mailbox by adding cast stone around it. See Beneath My Heart’s how-to here.

Emphasize Your Entry


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Did you know that Scottish homeowners have been to known to paint their front door red when their mortgage has been paid off? Even if you have a few years to go with your own mortgage, your doorway should be the focal point of your home from the curb. The easiest way to make it stand out? Paint! Check out House Beautiful for front door color inspiration.

Take Care of the Basics

Additional curb appeal projects will go unnoticed if the base of your home’s outward appearance has been neglected. Start from scratch by:

  • Edging your lawn
  • Fertilize and treat your lawn for weeds as needed
  • Power-wash sidewalks, steps and driveway
  • Trim broken or damaged tree limbs – but call in a professional for any heavy duty jobs
  • Refresh mulched flower beds
  • Clean gutters
  • Freshen up exterior paint and trim as needed

For more ideas on increasing your curb appeal, follow us on Pinterest! Interested in a larger exterior home makeover? Download our free Rehab & Construction Guide to find out how you can finance your home renovations through your mortgage.

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