11 Ways to Love Your Home Even More in 2017

Posted by Laine Smith on 2/26/17 9:04 AM

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Owning a home is a symbol of the American Dream - something we all can be appreciative of. Nevertheless, homeownership is an ever-changing and sometimes challenging journey. Whether you fell in love with your home the moment you stepped inside or are still finding ways to make it your own, here are a few ways to love and appreciate your home a little more this year.


Take care of the little annoyances. That cracked outlet cover, the crookedly-hung picture frame, the door that always sticks; these small things contribute and quickly add up to your subconscious feelings about your home. Take the time, make a list of what needs fixed and address those little issues.

Rearrange. Do you feel like the flow of your home is interrupted or certain rooms just don’t seem big enough? Furniture staging could be the culprit. It’s a common misconception that rooms will feel and look larger if there is a big space in the middle of the room, but in reality, it just makes everything look out of place. Move your furniture away from the walls, create a focal point other than your television, or reposition your sofa and chairs into conversational groupings. For more home staging ideas, click here.

Create an escape. What makes your home peaceful? Designate an area of your home that you can go to “check out”. Whether it’s a study, your master bathroom or a sitting nook in your bedroom, create a place with serene colors (fun fact: Pantone’s 2016 Color of the Year was “Serenity”), a good amount of natural light, minimal clutter and a comfortable resting place.

Simplify. The accumulation of everyday stuff can be overwhelming, so make it a priority to downsize and organize on a regular basis. By decreasing clutter, you increase your sense of organization and intensify the sense of flow and creativity in your home.

Spoil your home (and yourself). Make small updates as your budget allows. Whether it’s a new set of throw pillows for your sofa, a fresh flower arrangement for your dining room table, a set of luxury soaps and lotions to display in your bathroom or painting your front door, simple investments can make an extraordinary difference.

Make your home a reflection of yourself. Get personal with your home! Whether you’re living in a rental, a custom-build or an older home, invest in color, art, photos and vignettes that represent your tastes and interests.

Take care. While regular home maintenance isn’t the most exciting thing to allocate time and money to, you’re more apt to appreciate your home if it’s performing to the best of its ability. So get your furnace tuned-up, have your carpets cleaned, wash your windows, etc.

Bring in some (plant) life. Though a fresh bouquet of flowers might be out of your weekly budget, bringing some fresh foliage into your home can provide an instant mood boost. Whether you do so by investing in some low-maintenance succulents or houseplants or place some fresh herbs in the kitchen, a few plants can breathe life into your home.

Embrace imperfection. So your home looks nothing like your Pinterest board. That’s okay! Start with something small, like organizing your kitchen to be more efficient or starting that DIY project you’ve been thinking about.

Host a party. Nothing makes you more appreciative of your home that having a place to celebrate with your closet friends and family. Whether you’re a new homeowner or have lived in your house for years, throw a housewarming party to give you the initiative to get your home in the best shape and appreciate the purpose it serves in your life.

Make a connection. It’s rare for your first home to be your forever home, but that doesn’t make it any less special. Make connections to the milestones that occur while you live there like bringing home a baby, hosting a family get-together, celebrating your first holiday as a married couple, etc. It’s not always about the home itself but the people and the memories that fill it.

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