11 Budget Ways to Make Your Home Décor & Design Look More Expensive

Posted by Laine Smith on 1/30/16 2:23 PM

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Keeping up with the expenses of regular home maintenance doesn’t always leave much budget to focus on aesthetics. On the other hand, achieving a sleek, high-class interior doesn’t have to break the bank either. Here’s how to achieve a luxe look for less.


Emphasize Your Lighting

If you can, let in as much natural light as possible. It’s free and it creates an illusion of a larger living space. For the areas in need of artificial lighting, make sure to incorporate ambient, accent and task lighting throughout.

Undercabinet LED tasks lights are a relatively cheap kitchen upgrade. For your dining room, make your table the brightest spot in the room by investing in a statement pendant or chandelier to instantly add luxe appeal.

Less is More


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Minimalism is all the rage right now in interior design. To get a clean, clutter-free environment even in a house with little-to-no storage space, invest in organizational & storage furniture pieces, like the IKEA piece above.

Freshen Up


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There’s a good reason anyone who is trying to sell their home is told to repaint. A fresh coat does wonders to any room in any home. Be mindful of your color palette, though. Too many darks and/or brights will appear busy, especially if you have lower square footage.

Start by assessing the light sources in your home. Natural daylight shows the truest colors, incandescent lighting emphasizes warm tones and fluorescent casts blue tones. Keep in mind a strong color could be overbearing on walls where there is a lot of natural light.

When in doubt, nothing makes a space feel more open and clean than white.

Upgrade Hardware


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Remove and replace! This is quite possibly the easiest, not to mention amazingly effective, kitchen or bathroom update.

Add Some Foliage

Have you ever seen an interior design magazine spread without a vase of fresh florals or strategically placed plants? If you’ve got a green thumb, add a pop of color with green leaves and colorful blooms. Looking for something maintenance-free? Splurge on some higher-end artificials.

Layer Your Accent Pieces


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Whether you choose blankets, throw pillows or rugs, layering multiple colors and textures gives you a professionally-styled look.

Frame Your Mirror


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If your bathroom mirror is a plain builder-grade style, one of the easiest and cheapest ways to upgrade it is by adding a frame. Pick up a few 1x3” pieces of pine and some paint and get to work. Here is Young House Love’s DIY step-by-step.

Create Vignettes


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Vignettes are one of the easiest ways to add designer style to your home. Another plus is you likely have usable objects already in your décor arsenal. HGTV recommends building your vignette around a light source like a lamp, adding a coordinating color, varying the height of the objects and displaying them in odd numbers.

Draw the Eye Up



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Luxurious and newly-built homes typically have high ceilings, which you can mimic just by raising the bar. Your curtain bar, that is. The higher you mount your curtains, the higher your ceilings appear and the bigger the room feels.

Create a Focal Point


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When it comes to interior design, one of the biggest rookie mistakes is trying to incorporate too many statement items. The eye needs to know where to rest, and if you’ve got too many things going on, visitors aren’t going to know where to look first.

Decide where you want to draw guests’ eyes. Pick a décor or furniture piece, such as a sofa, painting or rug, and choose your other items to compliment it, not compete with it.


Larger, firm cushions look much more posh than small ones. Many designers recommend over-stuffing cushions to fill them out, giving them a just-purchased look.

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