10 Ways to Cozy Up Your Home for Winter

Posted by Laine Smith on 11/20/16 10:11 AM

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With the winter chill setting in, it’s time to make some simple home décor additions to make your home warm, welcoming and cozy. Use these tricks to up the coziness of your home for your family and holiday guests.

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Add Layers of Lighting

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Shorter days mean more time indoors and a longing for natural light. The best way to create a cozy, inviting interior is by laying the major types of lighting: ambient, accent and task. To see our tips on proper interior lighting, click here.

Up Your Blanket Supply

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Invite your guests to kick off their shoes and stay awhile. A ladder with blankets draped through is a great functional piece for storing your favorite winter textiles, all while enticing guests to make themselves at home.

Switch Out Your Drapes


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Pack away your gauzy, lightweight window treatments and splurge on seasonal drapes. Go for opaque, heavyweight fabrics that will both block the blinding reflection of sun on fresh-fallen snow but also serve as an insulation boost for your windows.

Layer Your Rugs

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Layering rugs isn’t just a seasonal flooring trend, but come wintertime, nothing says cozy like well-dressed floors. Start by choosing a neutral base rug like natural sisal and placing a sheepskin rug down on top for textured contrast.

Add Bedroom Seating

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While cool weather forces you and your family indoors, carve out a space for your own personal escape. An unused corner of your bedroom can be transformed into a makeshift reading nook to enjoy your morning coffee.

Focalize Your Fireplace

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If you’re one of the lucky homeowners with a fireplace, make sure it’s the focal point of the room. Properly prep your fireplace for use or use varying sizes of candles (real or flameless) for the same effect.

Pile on the Pillows

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Nothing says comfort like mounds of throw pillows. Add varying textures and prints to your sofa and bed. Another home design trick is to over-stuff your sofa cushions to give them that just-purchased appearance.

Layer Your Bedding

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If your lightweight bedding feels a little lackluster, adding a few extra layers can make your bed seem like a wintertime oasis. Layering your regular sheets with a heavyweight duvet, quilt, and/or coverlet. Toss a seasonal print throw over your layered bedding and you’re good to go.

Add Calming Scents

If you’re a fan of seasonal scents, stick to natural-inspired options in the wintertime. Look for vanilla, sandalwood, cashmere, orange, pine, etc. 

Restock Your Bathroom

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Short days call for long baths, so make sure your bathroom is fully stocked with plush towels and bath essentials like bath oils, soaps and lotion for you and your holiday guests. Add in a few winter-inspired scented candles for a finishing touch.

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