Out and About with Compass: Wheaton Drama

Posted by Emma Johnson on 9/29/16 9:30 AM

Everyone should experience the magic of live theater, and now it’s easier than you think to access this special form of entertainment! Wheaton Drama, based out of a small theater in downtown Wheaton, is celebrating its 80th year of production this year, and it’s not to be missed!

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Mortgage 101: What Is Loan Amortization & How Does It Affect My Mortgage?

Posted by Laine Smith on 9/28/16 1:49 PM

One of the biggest perks of a fixed-rate mortgage is the consistent monthly payment. While a borrower’s fixed-rate monthly mortgage payment remains the same for the life of the loan, the amount of payment going toward the loan’s principal and interest varies monthly as it is paid down. This is known as amortization.

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Out and About with Compass: Elmhurst Art Museum

Posted by Emma Johnson on 9/27/16 9:30 AM

This fall, head to the Elmhurst Art Museum, a suburban gem that provides visitors with a wide scope of art exhibits, events, and even classes, that don’t require a trip into the city. With convenient access from two major interstates, Elmhurst is easily accessible no matter where you’re traveling from.

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Fall Housing Market Update: 5 Facts for Fall Homebuyers and Sellers

Posted by Laine Smith on 9/26/16 2:51 PM

Mortgage rates have held near historic lows even past the busiest homebuying season of the year and we’re coming up on the best month of the year to buy a home. Here’s what you should know about the current housing market as a first-time buyer, move-up buyer or home seller.

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11 Common Homebuying Myths & Misconceptions Debunked

Posted by Laine Smith on 9/25/16 11:12 AM

Buying a home is a huge investment, making education essential. Here are several common myths and misconceptions surrounding the process of buying and financing a home.

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10 Simple Ways to Transition Your Home Décor for Autumn

Posted by Laine Smith on 9/24/16 10:06 AM

It’s officially fall! If you’ve been patiently waiting to break out your autumn-inspired décor, here are 10 simple ways to incorporate the feel of fall into your home.

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Weekly Economic Review: Existing Home Sales Fall, Home Prices Up

Posted by Laine Smith on 9/23/16 10:26 AM

The biggest economic news this week included the Federal Reserve’s decision on increasing the federal funds interest rate, as well as housing market news.


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Out and About with Compass: Autumn Drive

Posted by Emma Johnson on 9/22/16 10:00 AM

The hustle and bustle of Chicago is exciting and energizing, but when you’re in the mood for something a little more low-key, you don’t have to travel far to feel like you’re in a completely different environment. Travel a short distance from the city to McHenry County in the northwest suburbs and you’ll find yourself in farm country! Autumn Drive, held this year on October 14-16, is a 29-year tradition offering a unique collection of experiences which unite different farms and local businesses around the county, allowing visitors to enjoy all things local and all things fall!

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6 Steps to Planning & Designing a Perfectly Organized Bedroom Closet

Posted by Laine Smith on 9/21/16 1:21 PM

When you bought your first home, was closet design a determining factor? Probably not. But over time as your wardrobe and organization needs have grown, it’s probably a lot more evident that a single closet rod and shelf just don’t cut it. Here are the steps you need to take to get a handle on your closet organization.


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Out and About with Compass: Stade's Farm and Market

Posted by Emma Johnson on 9/20/16 9:45 AM

Stade’s Farm and Market is a family owned and operated farm which offers a sought after u-pick experience, along with a market, and a must-see Shades of Autumn festival, all in nearby McHenry, Illinois.

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