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Out and About with Compass: Midnight Circus

Posted by Emma Johnson on Aug 23, 2016 9:57:41 AM

Nothing is more exciting or more nostalgic than attending a circus. The bright colors, the impressive acrobats, cheerful music, and the larger than life animals are all trademarks of the long-running circus tradition.

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Mortgage 101: 7 Things That Affect How Much Mortgage You Can Afford

Posted by Laine Smith on Aug 22, 2016 3:05:56 PM

One of the most common first-time homebuyer questions is how much can I afford to buy? Home affordability weighs on many factors that your lender will analyze to give you an appropriate, pre-approved purchase point.

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Mortgage 101: What Goes Into a Mortgage Payment?

Posted by Laine Smith on Aug 21, 2016 10:55:05 AM

Understanding the elements of your mortgage payment is as easy as remembering four letters – P, I, T, I. The mortgage industry uses the acronym PITI, which stands for principal, interest, taxes and insurance, to break down the components of homeowners’ mortgage payments.

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Find the Perfect Home? Assess These 7 Easily Overlooked Items First

Posted by Laine Smith on Aug 20, 2016 2:30:00 PM

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. You’ve narrowed down what you think is the perfect home, but have you assessed all of the little things on top of the major items? Make sure your home purchase is well suited to your needs by reviewing these easy-to-miss home factors.

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Weekly Economic Review: Builder Optimism & Housing Starts Up in New Home Market

Posted by Laine Smith on Aug 19, 2016 1:49:18 PM

Optimism in the new home market is high, according to the National Association of Home Builders’ Housing Market Index. The index rose 2 points for August, bumping the index to the 60 level for the second time in 2016, according to Bloomberg. While builders showed gains in present and future sales, traffic continues to be a concern, especially first-time homebuyers.

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Out and About with Compass: Primrose Farm

Posted by Emma Johnson on Aug 18, 2016 9:50:15 AM

Before the kids head back to school, check out Primrose Farm in St. Charles where fun and learning meet!

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7 End-Of-Summer Home Maintenance Tasks to Tackle Over the Next Month

Posted by Laine Smith on Aug 17, 2016 3:19:59 PM

Though summer hasn’t quite come to its end yet, back-to-school is in full swing. Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the changing seasons get in the way of taking care of your home after one of the most weather-extreme seasons. Here are seven end-of-summer home maintenance tasks to take care of over the next month.

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Out and About with Compass: Sunday at Sandwich Antiques Show

Posted by Emma Johnson on Aug 16, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Do you love to hunt for unique home goods? Do you enjoy items that tell a story and have a history? Then you’ll love Sunday at Sandwich Antiques Show! This festival, started by a group of friends with a love of antiques back in 2012, celebrates antiques and collectables, and has something for you, no matter your interest!

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Mortgage 101: How to Get a USDA Loan

Posted by Laine Smith on Aug 15, 2016 12:58:44 PM

Looking to purchase a home without the means for a down payment? A USDA loan, formally known as the USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Housing Loan program, is an attractive program for homebuyers struggling to overcome one of the largest obstacles to achieving homeownership: down payment.

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First-Time Homeowners: Which Mulch Type Is Right for Your Landscaping?

Posted by Laine Smith on Aug 14, 2016 10:32:11 AM

As your garden beds need replenished or revitalized, take the time to think about which type of mulch is right for your landscaping needs. Mulch not only gives your curb appeal a boost, it also has several benefits to improve the health of your plants, including moisture retention, soil temperature control, weed suppression, erosion control, and soil nutrients. Here's how to pick the right mulch for your plants and personal preference.

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